Marine Serre is an amazing designer. Younger she had others purposes, goals but finds talent and passion in fashion. After being successful in internships as Margiela, Dior or Balenciaga. Marine will hold the jury’s attention of “price of the young creator LVMH” and become the wonderful designer that we know today.

Mind Mélange Motor (click to see) is the last collection of Marine Serre. Means future and nothing else. To understand it you have to enter in the universe of Marine.

Mind. The most relatable definition is the action of think. The mind where you find reason, consciousness and unconsciousness. In Arts, the definition is deeper. We mix dreams, fantasy and more. Mind is different of reality. Here, Marine had the intelligence and the artistic strength to show surrealism in fashion. The head covered by a fabric detailed, I mean the body himself is covered by his own reality and let the talent become the first subject ! Surrealism.

Mélange, is focused on the heavy catalogue of fabrics she has and still use. In this collection, Marine mixes fabrics already used for others pieces to create new ones. She gives life back to every fragments of fabrics and the result is just wonderful. We can find for example, a sweater composed of 3 sweaters : Mélange.

But the Mélange exists also by the practice of up-cycling by Marine. The collection is also subject of environment ! The Mélange lives trough the layering that is present here.

My perception of Motor is absolutely mine. For the precedent definitions, it was obvious ; Here, I will give the synonym of Inspiration to Motor. An artist needs to be inspire before to have the treasure researched. The black and white coat makes me think of different types of coats you could see in middle age on Catherine de Medicis. Marine broke the structure of the coat with the print and the color. and the fabrics used in different ways.

See the last collection of Marine Serre here


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