Hard to live in a world where your community has no references and does’nt give a damn fuck about her heritage. Here, i share you my two favorite women.

Josephine Baker

Joséphine Baker est née à Saint-Louis, dans le Missouri, le 3 juin 1906. Elle prit la nationalité française en 1937. Célèbre chanteuse, activiste, danseuse et meneuse de music-hall, elle est autant connue pour son talent, avec notamment sa chanson J’ai deux amours, que pour avoir été l’une des premières stars noires.
J. Baker a accompagné Martin Luther King durant la marche du Civil Right Movement.

Josephine Baker was born in Saint-Louis, Missouri, the 1906 3 june. Took the french nationality in 1937. Famous, dancer, singer and music-hall leader, she is also known for her talent and her song “i have two lovers” but also known because she is one of the first black famous woman. Josephine was Martin Luther King’s friend & support our community during the Civil Right Movement walk.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou est une poétesse, écrivain, actrice et militante afro-américaine.
Elle est une figure importante du mouvement américain pour les droits civiques. Elle est devenue une figure emblématique de la vie artistique et politique aux Etats-Unis.
Elle est principalement connue pour ses oeuvres I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), And Still I Rise.
Elle a influencé de nombreuses personnalités noires américaines dont la journaliste Oprah Winfrey qui fait souvent référence à elle ou encore Nicki Minaj qui l’a cité de nombreuses frois. Elle meurt en 2014 d’une longue maladie.

Maya Angelou is an afro-american poet, writer, actress, and activist. She’s became as Josephine Baker, an important figure from the Civil Rights Movement and iconic in the artistic and politic life in USA. She’s mostly known for I Know Why The Caged Bird Singq (1969), And Still I Rise (1978).
She influenced celebrities as Nicki Minaj and the billionaire Oprah Winfrey. Maya Angelou dies in 2014 from a long sickness.

We belong to a creative generation. More there is births, more there is talent. So it is important as a person who coming from a minority to take her chances to become a new figure of success for his own pleasure and for his people. No need to have a don but if you have one, use it instead to hide. You can learn how to be someone on this society. If you have a passion or something not ordinary just share, spread it as love.

I and friends started to learn hairstyles, how to do nails, eyebrows..etc and created business, because why spend money when it can be useful for more important ? If we, you can. And i can affirm that i saved around 440$ (400) for year.

I know it’s difficult to be succesful in life being a black person. When you see how they kill us, how they torture us, how they hate us, You are dominate by fear and more..

Meanwhile, those beautiful women became figures for us in using their talent and fear as a strength in struggling with a racist system until their death.

Power to the people.

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