In 2018, Ryan Coogler co-written & realized Black Panther american marvel superheros movie played by an afro-american where most of the cast are afro-americans. It is a huge international success by amazing fighting scenes, or the Wakanda universe. But what is more important to remember is the representation of african culture and afro-american culture in a superheros movie. A first one, that actually provoked a lot of critics & racist comments against black people on socials network and real life : “Wakanda people” (???) and more. What is really Black Panther ?

The principe of the segregation is litterally “separate but equal” what was and still is a lie. After slavery, black people will endure a lot of traumas. Established officially in 1896 by Plessy, the segregation will last almost 100 years and will “end” in 1965. Why “end” ? because even if the law is abolished, White people stay racists: we call it the “resegragation” because nothing changed, no rights no respect. The black community is still persecuted, murdered, raped, burnt alive and more. We choosed the self-defense though with the group, BLACK PANTHER born in 1966 during the black power movement.

Bobby Seal and Huey P. Newton, 1966.

Bobby Seal, 1966.

Kathleen Cleaver, 1967.

The abolished law didn’t has the effect it should have, the persecutions by policemen, white civils and more continued. Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, two students who met during a course, created in 1966 the Black Panther Party inspired by differents political regimes. The name of the group is a type of “tribute” for the Selma’s Walk. The objectif behind this group is simple : Justice Respect and Peace in a pacific way contrary to Malcom X. Bobby Seale was saying this quote most of the time “You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.

Black Panthers were recognizable by their clothes, who were really specific and different from others : a black hat and a black jacket, black pant and black shoes. (always stylish even during the war)To achieve a result, they won in popularity and BBP foundators were followed by thousand black children, teenagers, families or big figures as Angela Davis, Kathleen Cleavers, John Lennon. The little group became a politic party and created programs to help the community. They built clinics, rehabilitation centers, free clothes for homeless. Also, they patrol the neighborhoods for families who were less secure from KKK attacks, ect than others black families. However, the most famous program is “Free Breakfast for Children“.


Huey P. Newton after his arrestation.

The FBI destroyed the Black Panther Party. The BPP popularity became a political problem because it was revolutionary and changed everything in the life of those black americans. They had to stop it and the only way is prison or murder. How ? Conspiracy and Infiltrated. The white society of 50’s 90’s, couldn’t let black people have rights, it was a big risk. Fred Hampton, and Mark Clark BPP members, were only 21 & 22 old when they have been murdered thanks to William O’neal, a black man who integrated the BBP as bodyguard to help the FBI. He gave them the layout of Hampton’s apartment. Angela Davis & others members were accused of crimes never done, Huey P Newton, Kathleen? Chuck D… They never gave up and the party has existed until 1982.

In fact, Black Panther is not only a movie, it is HISTORY.

Here, a video to understand a part of your culture black kids, and for others, it is better to know instead of being ignorant.

Black power, See ya.

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