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Welcome in this new article wardrobe (first edition).

A real fresh Mojito is good but looking fine is better.

Teenagers, we always searching for a new style. Sometimes People inspiring us, fashion magazines, runways or actor[ress] movies. All costumes, or outfits seem great on them but when we wear it..=d e c e p t i o n.

I have learned being my own muse and ask myself “What do i would wearing today ?“. The process is long and can take a lot of years to have this “credit card”. Make sure that no one can take it from you when you have it.

While you practice this self-confidence, this week i chosen differents outfits that will be great on any genders

There is differents ways to make a simple expensive outfit. To see every product click on buttons !

  1. Mixes differents styles who have nothing in commun issa must. It was popular the previous summer and is also today. This outfit is crazy for winter (with a NO FUR coat) as summer. The classic black bag is timeless & indispensable for an outfit, it will always look great. Advice you to take an original one. Here, i opted for a Versace Jeans Couture.
Boots are out of stock. Below another version.

2. The famous ALL WHITE look. you can recreate this outfit with a skinny pant , skirt, a crop or just a hoodie. The white-look always works. But for the expensive side, the better to do is to put differents shades of white AND use dissmilar fabrics. The best fabric is silk, up or down the noble fabric bring freshness. However, the satin has the same role and is less expensive. Put sneakers to cut the look.

3. Being original is the best way to look fashion, avant-gardiste and expensive. No need to be extravagant. Go out of your comfort zone and make it fashion ! To be honest it was my last minute look and it seem great !

4. Last advice, show the beauty of your skin put lighter colours on you and don’t be afraid. There are no “rules” about colors. i think you can wear more than 4 colours and stay fashion. Enjoy, be a rainbow.

(Can’t find them. Sorry ://)

The ultimate advice for this week is to get your nails done & to wear jewelries. Why ? because to have nails done, refines your fingers and makes an elegant side on your hands. Short or long just do it. Just base coat is everything and everyone have it. For jewelries, it dresses your hands. Just a ring is good no need to do a lot. #stayfashion

Thank you for reading this and hoped it helped you in your elevation. Don’t forget to comment and put your email below to receive new article each week in your mailbox.

Quarantine time.. next week i will offers movies to watch during this big moment. #stayhome .