by Gitroina Isaac

Did you asked yourself on what was before “ART” ? No ? You must. This is how you have to think.

The Essence.

  • The essence precedes the existence. The essence is an idea. Your idea of a goal, a dog, a skirt. The essence is the support of the artist. Whithout this one, anything can’t exist. You can not draw a body if, before you didn’t imagine from fragments you already had in your mind. If you don’t believe me, try.
  • What i want to tell you, all of you, is the essence has the same role of a mother, your mother, it gives life to your idea it permits to go from essence to EXISTENCE. I understood it the first time i painted with all the love and the pain i had on me, the first time i touched a sewing machine. What i wanted to represent, or just what i was thinking at the moment. i had a pen in my hand and a virgin paper who waited to gives life to my mind. Due to this mind i can write this article for you. To share my knowledges and passion.

The beauty.

  • In the ancient time Art and its definition was “the beauty” if a painting wasn’t beautiful, it will be not considered as Art. The point is thanks to God that we are in 2020 and the canons of the time changed ’cause i am not agree with this. EVERYTHING IS ART when it tells a story. EVERYTHING can be Art when you choosed that it will become.
  • Art is Art when it’s abstract, fashion, scientist, literature, even a chair or a trash can be Art. And no one can tell “you wrong”.


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