First steps before design

The life of a designer (not a professional) is not always cool. I mean, yes you choosed it but sometimes you just want to give up. Being a designer is to take a longer way to become a person in the world of Fashion. So, for me the first point is the Patience.

  • You cannot start today and believe tomorrow you will have your clothes on the runway, no. Sometimes it happens, nonethless most of the time this is a long path, specially when you are black. Fashion is selective never forget it.
  • BE-LIE-VE in yourself. You will meet a lot of people who don’t believe in your style, your ideas or just don’t believe in you, but it doesn’t matter because it’s God plan.
  • Work hard, gender whoever the person who read this, you have no choice but to work HARDER than every persons around you. Don’t sit and wait for your turn (i did) this is really not a good idea because you will lose a lot of time, opportunities that you can not imagine because you were layed in your fucking bed. Don’t do it. Yea there is God but your actions have values.
  • Finally, maybe i had to put this point in first but no.. nevermind, be PASSIONATE don’t start something because everyone does it or because you need money or whatever. Do it because you love what you doing, it’s your dream. The word “designer” is vast, when i use this word i don’t just speak for fashion designers but for someone who wants to start his life in Art, videos designers, etc..

If you think you are sure to assure every points here, go. Enjoy your life, have a legacy for this world and don’t lost time because i lost a lot and i regret it.

See you for the next..:)